refuge house congo
Our work in Central Congo has never been more important. With unrest in the capitol of Kinshasa and the decade long civil smoldering around its borders, the 49 children we have at our Refuge House facility are incredibly vulnerable. The impoverished nation and privation of her children are the first […]

Mission Accepted: Congo Refuge House $7000

As we rise to the challenge of meeting our ambitious goals for 2015, we have an absolute need to acquire 2,000 committed abolitionists giving $7 a month. Our campaign begins October 1st and runs through the end of December. Armed with the gifts of 2000 abolitionists, we will be able […]

Drive toward 2,000 monthly donors

After a very successful school year, the students in Congo are returning to school.  This year we are supporting 22 orphans in primary school, 22 orphans in secondary school, one orphan who is now in her last year of nursing school.  We now have the large task ahead of us […]

MISSION ACOMPLISHED! School time again